PMP ITTO Learning Tools Bundle

Praveen Malik, PMP
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Is your fear of PMBOK® Guide's Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs (ITTO) holding you back for taking PMP® exam?

Do you know that you can overcome this fear by using a combination of ITTO learning tools?

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You need a comprehensive approach to learn ITTO and pass PMP® certification exam quickly.

I have created a complete all-in-one bundle for learning PMP ITTO based on PMBOK® Guide 6th edition. It includes 4 different ITTO learning products.

What Will You Get?

  1. Free PMP ITTO Process Chart
  2. ITTO Concepts eBook worth $4.99
  3. ITTO Mind Maps eBook worth $4.99
  4. Dynamic ITTO Excel Cheat Sheet worth $4.99
  5. ITTO Quiz worth $4.99

The complete product bundle is worth $19.96. But, you will get 10% discount for buying these products together.

You just have to pay $17.96 instead of $19.96.

How Will It Help You?

The complete all-in-one bundle will enable you to

  1. apply modern learning strategies and scientific techniques to get a handle of ITTO.
  2. understand ITTO across 5 Process Groups (PG), 10 Knowledge Areas (KA), and 49 processes through a comprehensive 360 degrees orientation.
  3. immediately grasp ITTO relationships across PG and KA.
  4. make visual connections between PMBOK® Guide's terms.
  5. learn ITTO by understanding associations between them.
  6. learn ITTO by learning related keywords.
  7. solve ITTO questions accurately without any fear.

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Buy now for $17.96 instead of $19.96.

You will get instant access to Process Chart, Concepts eBook, Mind Maps, Cheat Sheet, and ITTO Quiz immediately after the payment.

Don't wait! Overcome your fear and boost your confidence for the exam.

Buy Now.

Click on 'I want this!' button to invest in my ITTO Learning Tools Bundle. You will get a link to download.

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You'll get products worth

ITTO Process Chart
ITTO Concepts eBook
ITTO Mind Maps eBook
ITTO Cheat Sheet


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PMP ITTO Learning Tools Bundle

9 ratings
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